UTICA® MPPT Solar Controller 12V24V36V48V30A

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UTICA® MPPT Solar Controller 12V24V36V48V30A


UTICA® MPPT Solar Controller 12V24V36V48V30A

  • Price:RMB ¥6,068.80

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  • RMB ¥6,068.80

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  • Designed for use with an off-grid solar power system
  • Applicable to batteries of different capacities
  • MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Ideal voltage allowing the solar modules to produce the maximum available power
  • MPPT technology increases charge efficiency up to 30% and decreases the required power from the solar array.
  • Digital intelligent control with powerful imported MCU control as the core device ensures simple peripheral circuit structure
  • Modular design with simple structure and easy maintenance
  • Automatic power control function
  • LCD display: Battery voltage, Battery charging current, Battery capacity, PV voltage, PV charging current, System state, Power Generated, Error code
  • Protection functionality: Solar reverse charge protection, Connection protection, Battery overcharge protection, Battery over current protection etc.

Equipment and Components

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Rated Solar Charging Current: 30A
Rated Battery Voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V

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