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Please turn the AC switch and DC switch to the OFF position. Please view the picture.

The power inverter’s LCD screen displays the message “Missing Grid”.

Missing grid means that your solar AC isolator has been either switched off or tripped off. It is normal to see this message when your electrical distribution box’s ELCB or MCB are turned off. Please look at your electrical distribution box and make sure that all the mini breaker switches are turned up. Also please switch on all the PV ISO (solar DC isolator) also check AC isolator turned on too. Finally wait for 2 mins before the solar energy system self-reboot and turns back on again. You can see a green LED indication and the LCD screen. Remember do it during the day time because in the night time, the solar energy system goes into sleep mode, LCD screen blank.

Night time cannot see solar inverter LCD, in sleep mode. Look at it in morning about 9am.

The solar energy generated will first feed into your house’s electrical appliances, such as aircons and fridge and whatever is running. The excess not consumed in your house will be “exported” (see photo 2) into the SP grid and it be contra off from your “import” (see photo 1). You will only pay electricity what you have purchased from SP power after deducting your export. You can view your new “import/export” net meter at your main gate area. You have wait for a few seconds for the screen change from import to export.

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